1. Ladybug Mixer

Compositing live and vivid videos, showing stunning visual effects in high-definition, Ladybug Mixer, a multi-channel media mixer can generate real-time visual effects for your video applications on streaming video, video mixing, digital signage, and broadcasting. (WIN32 App : Download )

Ladybug Mixer

2. Snaml Theatre

A media center software that can help you watch movies, listen music, and view photos on ultrabook and tablet with wonderful user experience. Snaml Theatre is constructed by 2-Dimensional Media Organizer, 4-Way Media Navigator, 3D Perspective and Resume Media Player for Windows 8 in Modern UI. more Details. (Windows Universal App : Download)

Snaml Theatre

3. Ladybug Player

a small, fast, and vivid media player. Ladybug Player can play various formats of media and display Full HD (1080p) video in vivid and clarity. Multiple Ladybug Players can display videos in windowless simultaneously on multiple screens. A SQLite database file is used to customize and configure the player. Finally, the 2D Nbar and the simple playlist allow users to control and manage media easily. ( WIN32 App : Download)

Ladybug Player

4. Snaml Card

a 2D Web Organizer, 4-Way Web Navigator, and a Fullscreen Web Browser that organizes your favorite web sites in the architecture of Library, Category, and Card. Each Card can be a HTML5 page. A Category includes a group of cards. And a set of Snaml Card files are stored as a Library. You can easily add, delete, exchange, swipe, and share Cards. (iOS App : Download)

Snaml Card

5. Snaml Book for iOS

a 2D Web Organizer, 4-Way Web Navigator, and a Fullscreen Web Browser. Snaml Book can help you organize and manage information on web. Snaml Book can work for iPhone and iPad. (iOS App : Download)

Snaml Book for iOS

6. Snaml Book for Android

a 2D Web Organizer, 4-Way Web Navigator, and a Fullscreen Web Browser. Snaml Book can help you organize and manage information on web. Snaml Book can work for Android devices like smartphone, tablet, and smart TV from version 2.1 to 4.2 (Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), Jelly Bean). It also supports multiple architecture of processor like ARM, X86, MIPS. (Android App : Download)

Snaml Book for Android

7. MyrmecoX Studio

an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for internet, enterprise, and wireless applications. MyrmecoX Studio consists of engines, editor, checker, debugger, compiler, and library. Other features include folder viewer, keyword editor, and configuration. Web Application Stacks include Apache server, Snaml for HTML5/PHP/Tcl scripting languages, as well as SQLite databases. MyrmecoX Studio 4.0 natively supports Snaml for HTML5, Tcl/Tk 8.3/8.4, PHP 5.1, Apache 2.0.54, SQLite 3.2, and other packages. (WIN32 App : Download)

MyrmecoX Studio

8. Snaml Script

HyperText Markup Language 5.0 (HTML5) is a description language for web documents that is suitable to represent documents bu is hard to be applied as a programming language. SnamlScript as a scripting language introducted block commands and inline commands for HTML5 programming on server and mobile devices to keep web applications more maintainable, modifiable, reusable, and consistence. (Cross Platform App : Download)

snaml for html5

9. OScope-N: Data Oscilloscope

Wireless Sensor and Control Network (WSCN) is a kind of Internet of Things. Neatware's WSCN Solution is a modules and developement kits for Wireless Sensor and Control Network (WSCN). The possible applications include temperature, humidity and light monitor; industry control; home automation, security, and alarming system.
OScope-N is a digital oscilloscope software developed by Neatware for multi-channel real-time streaming data display. (WIN32 App : Download)

wscn wireless sensor and control network

10. Fighting UFO

a game to shot flying objects. Using arrow keys or W, A, S, and D keys for movement and mouse for fire and aiming targets. Fighting UFO is a simple game that can run on low-end 3D graphics cards. (WIN32 App : Download)

neatware game