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SynaNN: Synaptic Neural Network for AI/ML

October 1, 2022 Toronto.For handwritten digit recognition application MNIST, a SynaNN Neural Network achieved the 98.59% accuracy. Tensorflow Source Code in GitHub here. In advance, for image classification CIFAR10/100, SynaNN pluses CNN also achieved high accuracy.

LMixer 64bit Published on Windows Store

October 30, 2018 Toronto. Today, the latest LMixer version 4.7 is published on Windows Stoer as a Universal Winsows Platform (UWP) app. Compositing multiple living and vivid videos, showing stunning visual effects in high-definition, LMixer, a multi-channel video mixer with real-time visual effects, works great for your video processing applications in Windows 10. In Windows Store here

ladybug mixer effects The manifold inside was generated by LMixer.

Synaptic Neural Network Target Hard AI Problems

October 28, 2017 Toronto. Neatware's innovation for new generation AI, Synaptic Neural Network (SNN), is a non-linear neural netwok that provides solutions for NP-hard Optimization Problems and Associative Memory Problems. A synapse like an amplifier to enhance the signal and reduce the noise is the elemnet to construct a synaptic graph that can represent many constrain conditions for AI applications. The ultra simple synapse in neural network acts as the transistor in semiconduct. The synaptic graphs can be simply implemented on CPU, GPU, and FPGA. Paper on Synaptic Neural Network

synaptic neural network Synaptic Neural Network (SNN) solve Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP)